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This page has been created in order to share access to databases with thousands of scientific journals and databases that is often difficult to access for many university students and health professionals of different countries around the world. Enjoy it!

Completely FREE or CHEAP ACCESS to: UpToDate, Sciencedirect, ClinicalKey, SpringerLink, Wiley Online Library, DynaMed Plus, Scopus, StatDx, AccessMedicine, OVIDSP, Jstor, Taylor & Francis, Emerald, Nature, JAMA, Sage Journals, Informa Healthcare, Oxford Journals, Karger, IngentaConnect EBSCO, Cambridge Journals, AND MORE!!!.
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About Us:

  • 1 We are a group dedicated to share access to scientific information
    Access to hundreds of databases and thousands of scientific journals.
  • 2 Periodical updates and publications about scientific access
    We have a facebook page where you will find our resources.
  • 3 Scientific articles to everyone for FREE
    We have a facebook group where you can request your scientific articles-look in the tabs above.
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    We have a access codes system to access to different resources.

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